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Installing Custom Workflow Plug-in mike witmer (1)
Reporting across multiple projects Mark Boyle (1)
We've moved to Michael H. Pryor (0)
Subscribe external users to case? Benjamin Peikes (3)
Sorting by duplicate count Brian Amerige (1)
Safari Extension Alex Kac (1)
Fogbugz and Exchange 2010 James Walker (2)
Feature Request - Sub-priorities Billy R. Moon (3)
Sending and Receiving Emails is not working Adam Phillabaum (1)
Wiki attatchment fails Andrew (1)
Feature Request: new child case link from within a case Ben L (2)
Security Roles and Privileges Neil Stevens (1)
Wiki feature request - autocreate user home pages James Bayley (2)
Wiki hyperlink chaos - "Wxxx" does not work for us James Bayley (1)
Re-suggesting "Mark as Unread" feature Dan Wood (2)
"Submit" freezes when editing cases Matt Hall (2)
Attachments not visible in IE Mark Illing (1)
Password log in problems rose (3)
Where is the Upload Plugin Manually button? Gerry Kurz (3)
Spam "Bug posted to website" E Walters (5)
How to use edit cases plugin Gerry Kurz (1)
Cancel out of Reply causes entries in ticket Benjamin Peikes (1)
Request: Filter by due date or no date Brian Rosenthal (3)
How to set up second mailbox juergen riemer (1)
Assign list contains users without permission Ulrik Zakariasson (3)
Grouping projects JvL (2)
Add Interval in Edit Timesheet dialogue Richard Nutley (1)
Unable to attach screenshot from FogBugz. Athar Abbas (1)
csv output of parent case PH (1)
Easily Changing Priorities Ignatius Chiang (2)
Wishlist item - Scheduled email replies to cases Phil Sherwood (1)
Burn-down chart, improvement suggestions and workarounds Jon Harvey (1)
Wiki doesnt take up the entire browser windo width Amarsh (1)
Image Resize in Wiki Asbjorn A. Mikkelsen (1)
Exclusion Filters (4)
Request: Maintain burn-down chart slope when adding new tasks Kenji Kina (2)
Auto Reply Problem with using Google hosted Apps and Groups Ian Chesal (2)
API:Why API close subcases when I want to close only the parent Denis Millet (1)
Not all RSS feeds work? Michel de Ruiter (2)
Managing Testing Process - SaaS Edition Ross Rankin (1)
Notifications look ugly Michel de Ruiter (4)
Bug in anchor links? Jack M. (3)
FB Wiki links Max mishkin (1)
Report for Public Submissions Cheryl Singh (2)
Adding New Fields to Case in Public Summision Cheryl Singh (1)
Rename "Delete" for projects and project areas to "Archive" (1)
Import files from windows folders to FB Wiki Tiffany Zeman (5)
Selectively disable automatic replies Ken Rachynski (3)
Default mailbox being included on CC Ken Rachynski (4)
Problem with order by in FireFox search plugin Kevin Sikes (3)
TortoiseSVN Integration Mark Illing (1)
Runtime Error running FogBugz Screenshot tool on Mac OS X 10.5.8 Chip Kaye (8)
How do save a draft? Ronny Olofsson (2)
how to open external links in new browser? Ronny Olofsson (2)
Bug In Indexing TMZ (6)
Empty titles in Your Cases Michel de Ruiter (1)
Deleting postings does not work Michel de Ruiter (4)
Shared filters don't save backlog column Jean-Francois Davignon (3)
Custom "Description" field and email notifications Niklas Matthies (1)
FogBugz 7 mono memory usage (2)
Public Documentation? Michel de Ruiter (3)
More keyboard shortcuts Michel de Ruiter (4)
About changing priority Andrea Parmeggiani (1)
Project- or group-specific custom fields Niklas Matthies (1)
Optional custom fields Niklas Matthies (7)
Custom fields tab order Niklas Matthies (1)
Feature Request: IMAP access for mailboxes Paul A Nystrom (3)
Rows are double-height in grid view in FF3.6.3 Tim Keating (1)
Searching for Mileston:"V2"- also grabs milesone "V2.1" Why?? Greg Balajewicz (2)
Feature request: stripes Michael Hinds (6)
Search for in filters not working. Chris Clarke-Williams (2)
Backlog isn't renumbered Steve Baxter (3)
"Working on" report in FogBugz7? James Bayley (2)
"Add Case" should not default the Area alphabetically Robert Osborne (1)
Improved xml API - when? Per Bergland (2)
"Students and Startups" free indefinitely or 45-day limit? alexp (1)
private custom fields Alex Strusberg (1)
Feature Request: Create Case from Selected Wiki text Mike Rankin (2)
How we can find bugs that has been resolved for some release. Faisal (2)
Blocking Customer E-mail Scott Porad (1)
Ability to create recurring cases? Amrinder Arora (5)
Trouble getting Mercurial Repository to show up in FogBugz David Mitchell (4)
Bad bad WIKI doug coates (3)
Categories for Workflows Gerry Kurz (1)
Estimate History is not being updated for all our  "Tasks" Martin Katzenmeier (2)
RSS Feed Maximum of 200 Scott Porad (1)
What happens to the time entry for cases that dont get in EBS? Daniyal Nawaz (1)
Where "Ready for Test" status should be placed Daniyal Nawaz (1)
Direct to Assignee E-mails Scott Porad (3)
Improving the FogBugz 7 upgrade process on Unix (4)
Email Notification Duncan McCartney (1)
Feature request: Make milestone 'hyperlinked' Rene (1)
Hosted FogBugz on our own domain Morten Christensen (2)
How to mark a case "Ready for review" ? Morten Christensen (1)
All cases hide original quoted text by default Anthony Reese (3)
Feature request: Import calendars Kenji Kina (3)
Moved the Wiki page to a different wiki, but attachment did not Carolyn Corbato (2)
How to edit a case to delete inadvertently-introduced errors? Andrea Miller (8)
URLTrigger not available ? Morten Christensen (1)
Can Kiln be removed from hosted fogbugz? Morten Christensen (2)
making an existing case a subcase of another Daniel Webe (1)
Unhandled Exception in Bug Search (V7.0.30) Steve Hales (1)
Access to GROUPS Table doug coates (9)
V7.0 & MySQL install default password Elliot Ross (2)
When using sub cases, is there a way to expand/collapse all? tom Brown (6)
Are ALL case types included in EBS? tom Brown (2)
Links containing [ or ] break Markus Fischer (7)
Greater visibility for int. users / Community Case List GBN (1)
Assign to someone else during Resolve Lance Hampton (1)
Unhandled Exception in Bug List Biju A (2)
Changing template for reminder message. Benjamin Peikes (1)
FogBugz On Demand space Petros Amiridis (1)
Support Status - filters/API/remote interrogation Bob M Brown (4)
Is Backlog available via the API Tony Niemann (2)
Feature Request: Filters Exclude as well Ross Rankin (1)
Using custom fields with the xml api. Michael Wulff Nielsen (2)
Is This Forum Secure? doug coates (4)
Possible to "upgrade" to Site License? RC (1)
Timesheet logging time over midnight Daniel Weber (1)
Needing some guidance Steve (2)
POP3 Mailbox Connection Missing Emails Clayton Sims (1)
Timesheet HTTP Get URL Length Exceeded in IIS Clayton Sims (1)
2 FB Users, Same Computer, Problems??? doug coates (3)
Cannot login to Business of Software Forum due to dual user name Henning Blohm (1)
LogOn doug coates (3)
Should be able to email on a closed case. Daniel Gelbaum (1)
FogBugz On Demand very sluggish Matthew Passell (2)
bug: priority screen Yong Bakos (1)
Billing per user in On Demand John Dexter (1)
Feature request: better forum integration John Dexter (3)
Feature Request: Save partially entered case James Crossley (1)
can "OPEN CASES BY MILESTONE" report be customised? Paul Hectors (1)
Deleting cases John Dexter (2)
Subscribe to a whole forum? John Dexter (1)
Can I link hosted FB with hosted SVN running on John Dexter (3)
Why are comments to a case locked? John Dexter (2)
Show Subscribers plugin for On Demand Fogbugz Y (3)
Wiki Article Index plugin for On Demand Fogbugz Y (2)
Why are community users so restricted viewing submitted cases? John Dexter (3)
Release Notes for Fogbugz after 7.1.13 Benjamin Peikes (2)
How can I reply to multiple cases by email in batch mode? Andrew Lyric (1)
How do I enable HTTP compression in FB7 linux version? Andrew Lyric (1)
Thank You - Default From Email Micky McQuade (3)
plugins are now starting to crash Todd Day (3)
Spaces in subject line case number for Japanese emails Kevin Korslund (5)
Market for selling FB plugins? John Dexter (7)
Migrating from Jira (or other tools) to FB John Dexter (2)
Backing up Fogbugz John Dexter (2)
Can I grab my source from Kiln via Nant? Jay Williams (1)
"Remaining Time" column too narrow. Jay Williams (1)
fExternal through API Mike (2)
Auto refresh the Inbox view John Frost (3)
Table of Contents Plugin in On Demand Ken Rachynski (3)
From on Replies Ken Rachynski (1)
Showing tags as part of the title (foremost list view) Markus Fischer (3)
Can we get snippets to work in the Title field? James Tharpe (1)
FogBugz feature suggestions Tim Keating (4)
We need your help! The Kiln licensed beta is here. Jason Rosoff (0)
Fogbugz 7 URL and mod_proxy (3)
Copying cases from project to project? sw (4)
What customizations are in Mono distributed with FogBugz? Samuel Neff (2)
FB6 search will not index after upgrade from Access db to MS SQL Greg Coleson (6)
Support for other bug tracking software sw (3)
StackExchange or this forum? Sylvain (5)
Override time for logging intervals John Dexter (1)
View older revisions Bryce Schober (1)
Git Repository Phoebe Bright (1)
How do I turn OFF the spam filter? R Mcconkey (2)
Improve visibility for external customers to their cases Jason Perrone (1)
Fogbugz proxy runs too wide open Todd Day (1)
Thought about closing this forum and redirecting to StackEx? Todd Day (2)
RSS feed shows stuff that is not new nor changed Todd Day (3)
https redirecting to http in FogBugz 7 Jeremy (6)
Secure Email John Sharpe (1)
Producing canned reports for clients? Benjamin Peikes (1)
More email adresses? Mikael Lundgren (1)
Groupable columns when filtering Sam Sesti (3)
If I forward a mail, will customer see this? (1)
HowTo: Automagically mark external links in your FogBugz wiki Kurt Milam (1)
email stopped working after upgrading from access to SQL Greg Coleson (2)
OSDX file for Windows 7 & hosted Fogbugz? Joakim Westin (1)
Help with search Benjamin Peikes (2)
is this a bug? Ferzan Aygen (2)
Text Search Tiffany Zeman (6)
System.ApplicationException: The file or directory is corrupted Daniel Short (6)
Default hide closed cases Kaare Kristian Lilleng (3)
Email feature: Send and Close Martin Katzenmeier (3)
Retroactively log time John Dexter (3)
Booking time to cases could be easier John Dexter (3)
dropdown bug re-appeared christian marin (2)
FB Screenshot edit doesn't allow further attachments Bryce Schober (6)
Feature wish: evidence-based working hours Antti Kivimäki (3)
Can we remove the FogBugz logo/links on login page? (1)
Stale cookies from 6->7 upgrade cause massive problems Todd Day (1)
not possible to clear SMTP password if SMTP user field is empty Todd Day (4)
SMTP connection is buggy Todd Day (1)
Link to Milestone or Ability to Add Cases in Filter Stephen Johnston (1)
edited:"last month" breaks Paul D. (2)
Mail problems? Couldn't construct the mail message. Error: 10060 Jesse (2)
change case number (2)
Exact search in axis search? Jeff Schilling (4)
Suppress email to specific correspondent Sean Lively (1)
To: field changed if 2nd email received whilst creating a reply Justine Lera (3)
Custom Fields Plugin Eric Z (2)
Search issue: Parentheses harmful? Udo Reuther (5)
FogBugzTimeSheetPlugin On Demand Uwe Raabe (7)
How can I search for exact matches? Udo Reuther (4)
Organizing groups of projects Brad Marsh (1)
Bulk updates not allowing field changes Chris Bates (1)
Spammed forum Thomas Thiriez (3)
Cannot install 7.1.5 Paolo Hutchison (4)
Release Notes Order Todd Day (1)
Edit release notes at anytime in 7 Bastiaan Hebing (0)
Adding bug events for checkins Matt Stupple (2)
Simple Project Report Paul Southworth (1)
Using tab to move between custom fields Josh Cheney (1)
allow changing project field when resolving a case Ben Fyvie (1)
Timesheet Calendar Bug Richard (4)
Subcases not matching filter message appears Don Fuller (1)
Wiki versions to match product version Jacob Shalev (1)
Customer-created issues with voting Artem Petakov (1)
How to add a new category icon in version 7? Nikhil Singhal (1)
Existing users cannot log into Fogbugz 7 Chris Bates (3)
Get summary about cases/estimates/elapsed when printing list? Udo Reuther (1)
Get Status Report on hidden milestones Ivan Arjentinski (1)
Status field no longer given focus after clicking Resolve Kevin Sikes (1)
Maintenance Service error after upgrading to 7.1.5 Greg (6)
FB 6: Incoming mail header missing in email Justine Lera (3)
How are estimates handled for cases with sub-cases? John Dexter (1)
Are case attachments compressed? Jason Harrison (3)
Fogbugz 7 and IE 8 - I am always redirected to the login screen alex strusberg (3)
Suggestion for logBugDataSVN.vbs (Revisited) Rob LaFreniere (2)
Can't login to this page John Dexter (3)
Can't enter time over midnight boundary? John Dexter (1)
FB7 Close a case thru email Scott Rossi (1)
Release note as Resolve note Alessandro Cavalieri (3)
How do you setup FB7 for user stories? Totem (3)
Release notes and subcases Johann Deneux (1)
FB7 OnDemand: Emails Not Being Received and Not Being Sent Micky McQuade (3)
External / 2nd Party case numbers Chris Wenham (3)
How to display the "duplicate of" text box for new status Alex Strusberg (3)
Autocreate Cases (for recurrence) Jason (4)
Filtering by Parent Case Benjamin Katz (1)
ailed to update the search index: TMZ (1)
FogBugz 7, backlog plugin and Scrum Erik Bengtsson (2)
Unable to insert new bugs after upgrade to fogbugz 7 Alex Strusberg (1)
API + ScoutSubmit + Tags = Broken Black Beard the Pirate (1)
New to FB (running FB 7.0.29) - Need all the details "report" Erik Hilliard (2)
Warning Message about FB7 Mike Robertson (4)
RSS Feed Formatting Mike Robertson (1)
FB7 - Logo Issues Scott Rossi (4)
FB7 Scott Rossi (2)
Import MS Access Issue Database to MySQL FogBugz database TMZ (2)
kiln error in fogbugz bug creation for external users Jeff Johnson (2)
No "Don't Optimize Column Width" option in MyODBC Brent Matzelle (8)
FogBugz 7 MySQL Export Primary Key and Index Fix Script Brent Matzelle (6)
FogBugz 7 API: Setting ixBugParent to 0 does not work? Lukhnos D. Liu (3)
Not quite getting the hierarchy John Dexter (3)
Skinning FogBugz? John Dexter (4)
Email link does not show up Y (1)
Upgrading to 7 to a new server Nick Dat Le (9)
fogbugz status table TMZ (3)
Ever-shifting Working Schedule Mathew Waddilove (7)
Firebug 1.4.5 hoses FogBugz Kevin Sikes (5)
Updates Page Double-Click David Beegle (2)
Scheduling Question Gerald Brandt (1)
FB7: Category resets to Bug when editing a case Don Fuller (3)
Timesheet bug with & in Case title Joe Kirby (3)
FB7: How do I attach multiple files to a case at once? Sam Jones (4)
Position of "Edit Interval" inline popup Markus Fischer (2)
Custom field number format only accepts integers? Chris Weathers (1)
How To Bill Bugfixing Time Back To A Feature Zian Choy (1)
Linking a user only to their "Project" Bill Caisley (2)
Accessing Fogbugz when ldap access fails Mahesh Velaga (4)
Is it possible to use a custom domain name with FB On Demand? Steve McLeod (7)
FB 7 on Demand - customize user self registration email text KJ (1)
FB 7 user self registration allows email address duplicates KJ (1)
Test Case Mngmt tool->recommendations for fogbugz ondemand user? Greg Balajewicz (4)
Filtering parents without estimates when subcases have estimates François Beausoleil (2)
Shortening case display or reversing the chronology Chris Wenham (2)
Mildly Customized v6: How to map our customizations onto v7? Sam Jones (5)
Filtering by Area not obvious Marek Janouš (3)
FB7 and grid/list view Niklas Matthies (3)
Customize report RSS to match report definition Robert Merrill (1)
importing from Basecamp Nuno Morgadinho (1)
Feature Request: Ability to *truly* merge cases Skip Montanaro (5)
How to attach notes to cases Sathish Srinivasan (2)
Feature Request: Customization of "Mini Reports" Arsène von Wyss (2)
Show:unread filter only shows cases Akash Chopra (2)
Filter for Replies (or no replies) Scott Porad (4)
Customer Support Case Flow Tutorial??? Scott Porad (3)
List Single Case and subcases (1)
FogBugz incorrectly moves multiple To: addresses to Cc: field? Justin Goeres (5)
Does BugMonkey support jQuery? Assaf Lavie (1)
Case listing limit is weird Binh (2)
Make wiki pages RTL (right to left) Robi Y (1)
Request: Define timesheet in hours per week Dan Drew (1)
Suggestion: add "Set priortity" in case quick menu Markus Fischer (4)
Managing clients and projects as... well projects Rowan (2)
Delete old attachments Aaron (3)
Capturing URL, Browser Version Lee Semel (1)
Filter problem in 7.0.34 Chris Bates (1)
Illegal characters in path Keith Mangold (1)
Edit Discussion Posts Steve McLeod (3)
Feature Request: Offline Support Scott Porad (3)
Migrate from MSAccess to MySQL TMZ (1)
Email update when case is edited (1)
Is it possible to remove a custom field? John Wilson (3)
Timesheets? John Dexter (1)
Release Notes for Known Issues, not just Resolved Bugs Thom Franklin (0)
Is there a way to limit email notifications to certain projects? Carson (4)
Any way to insert table of cases in a wiki page? Jim Kring (3)
Change Checkin to Assoiate with a New Case Chris C (6)
Brainstorming: Creating a "Risk" Category using Custom Workflow Jim Kring (5)
Approval of Plugins for On-Demand Steve Pearson (4)
Syslog Emails into FogBugz Database TMZ (3)
FB 6: Password reset URL truncated Justine Lera (1)
Improving "Only show field when it has a value" Tuomas Jokinen (2)
FNN Recent Event, don't espect timezones? Gerard Laslett (8)
Going from student -> full account - 45 day trial? John Dexter (1)
Request: Edit tags on closed case Kris Kumler (0)
How would requirements tracability be handled in FB? David Reich (1)
How long before actual estimates history overwrites initial? David Reich (1)
Per Project prefix Gerald Brandt (5)
Fogbugz database indexes on fogbugz.Bug Joey (2)
FogBugz 6.1.41 bug id: 3239 Darren Isbrecht (2)
Maintenance Service Error Darcy Parks (3)
Balsamiq Permissions Steve Pearson (3)
Wiki unable to submit a saved draft? flipdoubt (2)
Feature Request: Compound OR type filters David Holt (1)
Download Center Keith Thomas (1)
Feature Request: Working in the Case List Mark Boltuc (2)
WIKI messes up formatting, looses lines, moves lines around Greg Balajewicz (7)
Case Filter Include Wiki's and Discussions Jonathan Beerhalter (4)
CAPTCHA for public (unauthenticated) case submissions Paul Martin (5)
Feature Request: Images in Discussion Messages Steve McLeod (6)
Feature Request:  Add 'Print All' bulk operation to Context Menu Ryan Alford (3)
What are FB's expected semantics of a "project"? Donnie Hale (3)
Release notes report should not show all resolved cases... Johann Deneux (5)
Feature converted to bug when editited with Backlog plugin (FB7) Matt Spradley (7)
All case edits are one hour out. James Fisher (2)
Clone / Copy a Case Ross Rankin (2)
LDAP Name field workaround Michael Stormoen (2)
FB 7 for Linux release date David Sexton (3)
It Works Page Jeremy Kunkel (1)
Is there a field for Mercurial Changeset #s Matt Spradley (5)
Missing Wiki Feature - Quick Save Hays Clark (1)
Adding Group Column to Grid View Scott Gaston (1)
Timesheet editing with IE7 DUpton (1)
Estimate roll-ups (sums) include hours for (filtered-out) cases Bill Burcham (1)
repo.asp in FB 7 doesn't work Steve Hales (4)
POSSIBLE BUG: Forced to supply credentials on every click John Kelly (3)
Email address autofill in 7.0.32 Pete Smith (1)
Feature Request: Estimate Schedule Items by time period Peter Dulimov (5)
mail sending and heartbeat.asp issues iain lewis (7)
Email with large attachments get stuck Joe Fortun (2)
Cannot send screen shots to Fogbugz Felix Mason (1)
Bug: Date fields always 23rd of month. Jason Howat (1)
Plugin for editing the description field? Totem (4)
Undelete Wiki page from FogBugz on Demand John W Wilson (2)
I'm missing the dotted outline border around links Markus Fischer (6)
Is there a way to restrict the users in a dropdown? Carson (4)
Estimates are not recognized correctly Juri Kuehn (5)
"page cannot be found" error andy knasinski (5)
Let me edit wiki article HTML! Kenny Evitt (3)
Feature Request: How to see who's working on what NOW Cyril Golub (9)
Search mathmatics Justin Boyd (2)
Rollup of custom number fields MSSW (3)
What program "upgrades" the database Ben (4)
Maintenance error Jan Helge Skailand (1)
Feature Request: Faster edit timesheet Kevin Korslund (2)
FB6: Search box entry - is there a length limit? Justine Lera (2)
Feature Request: Queue emails without sending Donnie Hale (2)
Feature Request: Hide all notifications Donnie Hale (1)
Feature Request: Retry individual emails Donnie Hale (1)
Possible bug: Send email gets object reference error Donnie Hale (2)
Menus is Google Chrome Everett Muniz (4)
Boolean Filter Fabrice Hoffmann (3)
Any way to make the case list filter by, or show email status? Zach Rosen (3)
fogbugz-search Dies, spits out a bunch of juunk Ian Weaklim (2)
Dealing with Delivery Status Notification Failures Mark Thibault (2)
Feature Request: Add "Parent Case" as a displayable column Donnie Hale (1)
Search builder Justine Lera (5)
FB6: Delete Spam after ... Justine Lera (5)
embed Google Calendar in Wiki page Laura Klemme (1)
Get the Total Time Spent ( Per Milestone) Ngu Soon Hui (1)
is there a URL parameter to add a value into a custom field? Rich (2)
Great use for tags to organize testing Charlotte M (0)
FR: be able to delete tags when closing a case Charlotte M (1)
FB 7 Discussion group value and posting comment with XML API KJ (1)
Cleaning up dbo.BugEmail James Kubecki (1)
How integrate wiki/forums with single sing-on on my site Mario Montoya (3)
LDAP or only AD Jeff Vannest (4)
Emailed bugs have garbled data Chris Bates (1)
Considerations for upgrading from 6.1.42 to 7.0.30? Lars (4)
Get Back to Filter View Using Breadcrumbs Byron Ross (1)
Feature Request: Add link to main page after bug submission Geoff Hart (1)
Feature Request: Improve usability of bulk action buttons Donnie Hale (6)
wiki hard carriage return Glenn (1)
FogBugZ 6 Search Problems. James Fisher (4)
Public case view doesn't show sub-cases or allow outline view? Joe Payne (1)
Feature Request: Default Category to Parent's Value Michael Trafton (1)
Parent Cases with Estimates of their own Michael Trafton (1)
Custom Image Header on top of customer ticket Don (1)
Calculate the Total Hours Estimated/ Hours Spent for a Milestone Ngu Soon Hui (3)
SearchTool fails spectacularly James Copher (2)
Schedule Items and Getting Started with EBS (noob question) Everett Muniz (5)
clear due date when closing case Rich (3)
Snow Leopard Brady Duga (6)
Auto reply - sending to first email in body rather than sender James Justice (5)
FB 7.0:  Complete email in "new incoming email" notices Sharon (1)
Send Email -- default mailbox Frederik Slijkerman (4)
"Reply" and "Send" links not available to some users Shawn L. Bradley (1)
TFS and FogBugz Work Item Connector Omar Soto (1)
Display category name in gridview Donnie Hale (3)
SVN links broken Shuang Fan (3)
EBS with undated milestones Pascal Bourque (3)
When a case is closed - it retains the backlog number Abby Dowd (4)
No Auto Reply Based on Email Address Jim Duffy (1)
AutoSubscribe Plugin Michael H. Pryor (8)
Sorting multiple columns Jaydel Gluckie (1)
FB 7 on demand - LDAP support anytime soon ? KJ (1)
FB case email quote collapse not working for Lotus Notes emails KJ (1)
Error: A message could not be sent from your mail queue. Jason Harrison (1)
FB as a PM tool -suggestions for integration with 3rd party app Robin Österholm (9)
Sorting not working when including extra fields as criteria Chris Bates (1)
Is it possible to get a report of issues by area (closed) Offbeatmammal (1)
FB on Demand - balsamiq plugin not showing in wiki insert menu KJ (4)
Deleting project area Marco Di Vittorio (1)
Is it possible to have all cases viewable by the general public? Jessica (2)
How to Set a default "From" e-mail address when replying Scott Porad (6)
Migrating to FogBugz from Collabnet Steve Hebert (2)
Query language: edited:"(today-2).."  ? Sam Jones (1)
Thread contention BugzScout cases Black Beard the Pirate (0)
bugmonkey plug-in - run this code - only community and anonymous KJ (2)
Bugmonkey plug-in sample js KJ (7)
Feature/plugin request: Inline time estimate editing Per Bergland (3)
Different subcases sorting order: outline:"8" and list cases Nothize (0)
Bug? Click pull down menu, drag on text, text selected from top Nothize (4)
Answering multiple emails with the same answer Hannah Rooks (2)
Sandvox wont open vanessa rowlinson (1)
Bug: Backlog edits not being saved / unintuitive Donnie Hale (3)
FogBugz 7 for Linux? Gerald Brandt (10)
FB 7 on demand - single sign on SSO for community users KJ (1) Rich Armstrong (4)
Remap LDAP Name Field? Chris Roedel (3)
public tickets - turn off or make password static? Isaac Strack (1)
Feature request: preview attachment before sending mail Tuomas Jokinen (1)
[API] Listing all cases - closed or open - attached to a project Dan Storm (2)
Do you know who is logging into your FB system and when? Sam Jones (7)
The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation... Chris Wenham (10)
FogBugz 7 API: Any way to know if a built-in filter is "current" Lukhnos D. Liu (5)
How do I save emails in a folder for future reference? Hannah Rooks (1)
Release notes 7.0.30? Kris Kumler (2)
Feature request for ISO 8601 date format Roman Hernandez (3)
The Maintenance Service Problem - 3 Yuri Kuleshov (4)
Problems with reports and milestones James Crosswell (2)
Feature Request: Quick edit for all items in Outline/Flat View Martin Lindberg Mogensen (1)
Removing problematic entries from BugEvent Roman Hernandez (5)
Unable to Add Case in FogBugz on Demand account Ngu Soon Hui (2)
Security: How can we see failed password attempts? Sam Jones (4)
How to expire a user's password ? / Password security (7)
Advice on custom workflow scenario Hermano Cabral (1)
Wiki problem on FB 6: Unable to edit a table Sam Jones (1)
Customize Release Notes Output Eric (2)
Exchanging emails between two FogBugz servers Peter Štibraný (2)
Bug: Sort gridview by "Date Opened" broken Donnie Hale (1)
Pulling timesheet out of MySQL Bishop Bettini (0)
Problem with wiki in fogbugz Artur Dąbek (3)
Creating and Using Wiki Templates Don Fuller (2)
Wiki TOC block float KJ (3)
FogBugz 7 MySQL: Importing data from On Demand or trial Bill McCord (1)
Removing Default Priorities MSSW (4)
Saved Filters containing search expressions don't function? Will Sadkin (5)
Cases sorted by milestone, "Set Milestone" from hover menu James Frost (1)
Disable automated emails for a project? Donnie Hale (5)
Inconsistent Search Results Paul Henderson (1)
Auto-Subscribe Plugin Y (2)
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Fogbugz on demand timeout issue Ngu Soon Hui (1)
Anyone using Project Locker? Philip Yurchuk (0)
Filter on cases not opened by bugscout Ben (3)
Submitting Screenshots to Fogbugz via Screenshot Tool Mike S. (3)
visability of virtual users Mike S. (2)
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Visual Studio Add-In Feature Requests Eric Johannsen (1)
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"Unable to create case" using inline Add Case feature Jason Duke (4)
Support for Open Source Projects Dale Ragan (7)
Viewing Auto-responses Rex Miller (1)
Timesheet Bug (as we see it) Marc Moroz (3)
Link to my current case? Tom Finnigan (1)
How do I create a dependency between issues Eamon Kelly (1)
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Text search of everything in a case David Clayworth (3)
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Bugmonkey plugin (5)
Why does Fogbugz have a domain for each customer? Steve Schramm (3)
Restrict user ability to create bug Chris Bates (1)
Add support for "See also" hyperlink into custom text fields Jan Sotola (2)
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FBOD and plugins Per Bergland (3)
Log of user logins? James Fisher (2)
Assign an existing case to be subcase of another case Ngu Soon Hui (1)
Caveat when using Subversion as a Windows service Uwe Raabe (1)
Feature Request: "Pinned" filter links Donnie Hale (1)
Feature Request: Saved Views Donnie Hale (1)
Edit typos in Case notes Paul Nielsen (5)
Reply to an email notification should update the case an edit Kiran (2)
Search for and Display custom fields in API Jeff Ward (8)
Integrating ext subversion servers (DevGuard, beanstalk) w/ FOD? Chris Keenan (4)
Multiple Parent Dependencies Jeremy Hendrickson (1)
FB On demand email still slow Krister Renaud (1)
/opt/fogbugz/Website/MailUtil.php Internal Error Steve Anness (5)
Global Milestone Dependency Jeremy Hendrickson (1)
Feature Request: Dedicated "case synopsis" field Donnie Hale (7)
"Deleted" milestones still showing in filter lists Donnie Hale (3)
Where is the nice FogBugz Video ? KJ (2)
Wiki Subscription Link not appearing $subscribe_link$ Chris Roedel (4)
Use API to handle offline requests? Heather (1)
Starring the case via API Peter Štibraný (1)
Milestones & reports: "all projects" vs "this project" Paul Lalonde (4)
Recording time to subcases on Features that have estimates Chris Busse (0)
FB 7 Installer crashes "Fogbugz Setup has stopped working" Roddy Pratt (4)
Any interest in a ClarkKent "pro" version? Martin Zardecki (0)
Feature request: Hours, not days Jakob Kruse (2)
Complete description of consequences of emailing a case? Marek Janouš (1)
FB 7 Once again - plea to drop FogCreek logo from login page(s) KJ (7)
Moving Wiki Articles Matthew Lowe (1)
Deleted articles still scraped by Google Andrew Davies (5)
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Upgrading to On Demand Eric (1)
checking email can be really slow Mike Derouin (1)
Why can't I delete milestones? Dave (2)
Resolving a parent case resolves subcases by default D Upton (5)
Bulk Closings on Hosted Version doug coates (11)
Some PNGs not showing up in Wiki Chris Roedel (1)
problem with immediate logout Charlotte M (4)
Bug setting cross-project milestone dependency? Charlotte M (6)
What happens when you delete a milestone? flipdoubt (1)
Backlog plugin: Only show when it has a value doesn't work Charlotte M (5)
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How do I search by a custom field - or how do I assign "client"? Timothy Khouri (1)
Request: API list of custom field names Bill Nalen (1)
FB7 rebranding public welcome and log-on page and help menu KJ (1)
Sending an email from a case closes it David Perdue (7)
7.0.23 upgrade not filling in new ixRepository column Dave Peterson (2)
Checkins popup is too small Dave Peterson (3)
Subcase category should default to category of parent case Donnie Hale (2)
How are you using the "Backlog" feature Donnie Hale (2)
How do you make a case depend on fixing another? mathieu longtin (4)
'Only show "Backlog Order" when it has a value' doesn't appear t Dee Earley (2)
Problem with milestone sort order in FogBugz On Demand (12)
How to change FogBugz site URL for On-Demand Antonius Frentis (1)
RSS feeds don't appear to be working Sundar Narasimhan (1)
Need formatted emails for better communication (1)
"Remind" plugin per case flipdoubt (1)
Dealing with bugs raised from testing and the effect on schedule Tom Quarendon (6)
Feature request: Change/Delete community user Per Bergland (2)
Feature request: Comment field for each user Pelle Plutt (1)
Mail sent (or not) from "Copy user" Pelle Plutt (1)
Error when click on a My Case Item in FB 7.0 Chris Rendall (3)
Wiki Search Results Theming Jim Duffy (1)
Search/filter axis for projects I admin Bill Foecke (3)
Changing Escalation Report Keith Mangold (6)
Wiki permissions: departments? Jason Harrison (1)
PHP 5.3 & FogBugz 6.2.46 Mac Caio James (1)
Save a Shared Filter with an "Assigned to Me" search. Mark Ribau (1)
How to add a new resolution type? Chris Velevitch (2)
Edit tags on a closed case? Jim Correia (1)
API support of complex queries David Sexton (4)
FB 7: The Fog Creek Maintenance Service has reported an error Petros Amiridis (1)
Group/User Permissions. James Fisher (4)
The "Edit Project Admins" link does not work. Greg S. (5)
Unsorted Milestones (FB7) Marc LaFleur (1)
Issues with Filter searches in FB7 Eric Z (1)
Whitepaper on Fogbugz 7 and Agile Dan Reber (6)
Is there a way to AutoSort incoming messages from the API? Jake B (3)
Where is the release notes page? Greg S. (2)
Combining Milestone and Title search axes doesn't work Stefan Möbius (4)
ondemand version or else? (2)
Repeatable items for operations guys Greg Nash (2)
Project planning questions, book update? peterchen (1)
Can't apply heading styles inside a table Joe Payne (1)
Should be an easy way to clear filters Maksym Taran (1)
Usability suggestion for working on Scheduled Task Uwe Raabe (6)
The FogBugz Maintenance Service is not running. (6)
Wiki - can't apply styles to multiple lines Dave (3)
FB 7: Maintenance Service has reported an error Kevin Koehne (1)
ScoutSubmit error:  User not valid: Kevin Gabbert (3)
"outside working hours" warning when I'm inside working hours Matthew Passell (9)
Installing FogBugz with existing DB fails on granting access Samuel Neff (2)
Resolve and Close behavior changed from 6 to 7 David Braverman (11)
Non Deterministic Estimates Gabi Davar (2)
Does the API support extracting information about sub-cases? Assaf Lavie (1)
Don't assign case numbers to spam Chris Wenham (6)
Moving Fogbugz installation to a new web server Eduardo Gregorio (1)
Wiki Images Only Visible to Administrators John Kraft (3)
"Working on ..." mouseover popup clicking far left case number Markus Fischer (3)
Can't use "," in subcase titel, unexpectedly creates new subcase Markus Fischer (1)
Feature Request: Link to images in Wiki Articles James Crosswell (2)
table of contents in wiki template (2)
Spreadsheet Import AJ Cantu (4)
Trac integration with FogBugz 7 not working Kevin Gabbert (3)
Version 7.0 for Unix Wouter de Vaal (10)
Updates always break VSS integration Don Benson (3)
API: Editing milestones Jeremy Johnson (1)
API: cmd=listFixFors incredibly slow in FB 7 Jeremy Johnson (3)
Tags: Any plans to restrict creation of new tags? Eiren Smith (1)
discussion sorting james wisecup (1)
Send Email -- default project Frederik Slijkerman (2)
Create New Case on behalf of my Boss; make him Case Owner? Justin Winters (3)
SPAM filter change In FB7? Terry Kearns (1)
Time of day for edited/lastupdated (possible feature request) Marc Moroz (3)
best way to handle external collaboration/dev. james wisecup (2)
Workflow plugin question (2)
possible timesheet bug? james wisecup (1)
XML API change Category not working? David House (8)
Unable to close a case (9)
PDF of plugin documentation Samuel Neff (2)
RSS feed for plugins? Samuel Neff (2)
"day" in "Total est. time remaining" should = "day" in schedule Chris Busse (9)
Small Feature Request on Case Menu in Grid Mark Howard (3)
RSS feed content configuration in 7.0? Will Sadkin (3)
Why is IISRESET required with every update? Neal Culiner (1)
FogBugz 7 with IE8 the column widths don't always save Joe Payne (1)
FogBugz 7 how to subscribe others to a case Joe Payne (3)
Record/Display Estimates in Hours using version 7? John Mulhollen (1)
Renaming "Spam" Area Sharon (1)
FogBugz Internal Error Ilan Chait (2)
Cursor still jumps to the top when editing in IE8 Greg S. (2)
Upgrade from 6 to 7 and migrate from Windows to Linux Alessio Pollero (8)
Erroneous "Outside Hours" warning when editing timesheet Ken Lyon (3)
Feature Request: Auto subscribe Y (1)
Usability observations Tom Quarendon (4)
XML API: reordering tags Peter Štibraný (2)
XML API: clearing tags via API Peter Štibraný (2)
Fogbugz forgets me Daniel Berglund (3)
"Could not open trial database" Chuck McKinnon (1)
Any possibility of searching on terms of 3 characters? Stephen Kay (3)
EBS and Milestones Tom Quarendon (3)
Workflow plugin broke "Resolved (Duplicate)" functionality. Greg S. (3)
Workflow plugin doesn't remove menu item after being disabled. Greg S. (2)
Timesheet Reports Yalim (7)
fogbugz SVN integration diff link problem ali (5)
Old emails not showing up in case histories after upgrade to FB7 Paul D. (4)
Setting milestone of parent changes it for closed subcases? Shawn Fumo (1)
Spam sent via Discussion Group David Dunham (6)
sorting without grouping james wisecup (1)
Plugin licensing under GPL Vasili Galka (3)
Suggestion for LogBugDataSVN.vbs Andrew Jennings (1)
Searching for strings which contain a dot and end in a dot Kevin Sikes (1)
Estimates vanish? Andrew Brehm (6)
Wiki links and article renaming Vasili Galka (1)
Count Duplicates Steve Baxter (2)
Session Timeout on FogBugz seems to be too short. Rusty Watrous (6)
Reactivate not possible from FogBugz-Screenshot tool Markus Fischer (1)
Community member - how to see my cases Mark Smith / Hyperoceanic (3)
Missing Help page Jevgeni Kabanov (3)
Strange character in checkin list Petros Amiridis (7)
FB API - Token CDATA andy knasinski (5)
Wiki Export to PDF Plug-In Jim Duffy (2)
FogBugz API: Changing list of subcases Peter Štibraný (5)
FogBugz 7 on Windows 2000? Eric (5)
Help for recurring tasks Eric (3)
export to excel - times in minutes without the descriptions Jaydel Gluckie (1)
AutoSubscribe Plug In Rich Platt (9)
FogBugz 7 and MySQL? Bryan Bates (12)
FB7 and grid/list view Tim Sparks (3)
How to update to FogBugz 7 Jim Duffy (5)
OleDBException in 7.21 database upgrade Matt Hamilton (9)
Update links Will Dean (2)
FogBugz 7.0 upgrade gotcha "Unrecognized configuration section" Duncan Smart (2)
Feature request: subtasks or parent case ID in Excel export Richard C (1)
Feature Request: Nested snippets Kevin Korslund (1)
SQL Error in upgrade to FB 7.0.21 Guy Hanchet (1)
Fruity Treat: IMAP Support Brett Veenstra (2)
Bulk "Resolve & Close" doug coates (2)
Fogbugz API - formatting data submitted into the sEvent field Andy Davies (2)
Case options in grid with multiple selected Calvin Spealman (1)
Hide "Resolve & Close" Button (3)
XML API: how to clear ixBurParent? Peter Štibraný (5)
Is it possible to work with Custom Fields plugin via XML API? Peter Štibraný (4)
Please explain the power of URLTrigger Kevin Jones (4)
XML API: documentation bug for tags element Peter Štibraný (1)
Multitasking Shawn Fumo (6)
SLOW!! Zack Simpson (8)
XML API: sending duplicate case number Peter Štibraný (5)
FB7 Replying to an Email Micky McQuade (1)
FB7 Send Email - The Default From Address Micky McQuade (2)
FogBugz 8? John Fuex (1)
API: how to get list of known tags Peter Štibraný (2)
Remote bug submission in 7 Will Dean (8)
The text in default.asp Will Dean (1)
Emails from FogCreek support Will Dean (1)
batch tagging? Jason S (1)
GetSatisfaction integration Noah Horton (1)
MSL Error Jay Lucke (1)
Email filter Michael Hewitt (1)
Weird message about support contract expiration Petros Amiridis (1)
Best way to change 'Opened By' Mike (1)
Search reset exception Pavel Marchenko (3)
cannot download Austyn (2)
Check Similar case before submitting Alessio Pollero (3)
Make "To:" label in email form smar James Bayley (1)
Subscribe to a project or area James Bayley (1)
Subscribe others to a case James Bayley (1)
Search box should be wider James Bayley (2)
What are "recent" files? James Bayley (1)
Description Format for case (7)
[ANN] CaseDetective for FogBugz permanently discontinued Ian M. Jones (CaseDetective) (1)
Cannot attach two filetypes at once Matt Sederberg (1)
Resovlved vs Resolved and Closed doug coates (1)
status of a case Toomas Römer (3)
Re-Assign but retain reference to case in your list Glenn McIntosh (1)
Suggestions for handling Request for Change ? Kaare Lilleng (6)
Feature Request: Filter for Stale Cases David Boike (7)
Aggregating data to find unreliable components over time. Carlton Gibson (4)
blocking discussion spam completely Sam Warwick (7)
Search problems Sam Warwick (6)
Email filter rules James Bayley (1)
Why isn't the search index ever up to date? Greg S. (3)
Rougue case check finds a problem Greg S. (2)
FBCLI - Open a Case? Joseph H (1)
daily deadlock error Charlotte M (4)
email into cases directly Tim Day (8)
FogBugz API - knowledge of how a filter is grouped Jon Hjelle (3)
FogBugz API - finding starred cases Jon Hjelle (5)
importing from Fogbugz Peter Fox (1)
Search for a correspondent email w/o the correspondent axis fail Scott Willeke (2)
Problem adding picture to wiki Graeme Hood (0)
Filter failure Chris Bates (1)
Create Reports using Excel w/ Mysql database Kim Novak (2)
2 people tracking time to one case Chris Dandeneau (3)
Search didn't work until I enabled SQL full text search. Greg (8)
iPhone FogBugz client (Inbugz): Request for beta testers Jon Hjelle (3)
FogBugz uses non-standard HTML attributes Vasili Galka (1)
Downloading MySQL dump from Fogbugz on demand fails Mark Hopwood (1)
Wiki Feature Request: Full Screen editing Duffy Brook (2)
Case Open vs. Case Resolve Report tsara (1)
FogBugz API clarification about ixPersonResolvedBy Peter Štibraný (3)
FogBugz API - adding images and attachments to a Wiki Heather Miller (1)
Clear Due Date Brett Veenstra (2)
Remind function use own mail-address, and get killed as spam Kaare Lilleng (7)
Feature request: snippets in Wiki Steve Reaser (4)
snippets not working on public case submission? Steve Reaser (1)
How do I change my community user email? Pelle Plutt (6)
[Bug] Scandinavian letters in email attachment filenames Tuomas Jokinen (2)
Is possible single sing-on with FogBugz on-demand? Mario Montoya (5)
email integration S (1)
How do you get a list of specific cases via search Mary Boose (4)
Automatically reply to correspondent when case is resolved. Paul Williams (2)
Searching for previous "assigned to" Justine Lera (1)
Feature Request for FB7: Paste image into browser Sam Jones (4)
Publishing release notes and issue lists for customers Jason Kochel (4)
email link missing on cases Rich (1)
Attachements automatically deleted Renaud BOMPUIS (5)
Adding a category in the on-demand environment Ross Rankin (1)
How should we actually use the "due" field? Tuomas Jokinen (4)
Don't let me assign cases to people who can't see them! Jesse (2)
Search for special characters in Title Randy McCharles (1)
RSS Feed items are pointing to the wrong location Mo Flanagan (1)
Wiki in IE8 Avi Douglen (4)
API: CDATA section has numeric character references Peter Štibraný (4)
Wiki inbound links or all articles list for non-admin users Vasili Galka (1)
Scrum levels in FogBugz Gerrit (5)
zend_mm_heap corrupted errors when editing cases/users Rik Eberhardt (2)
Remove Case number from subject line of outgoing mail? Terry Kearns (2)
Some Active or Resolved Status subgroups missing in On-Demand Jonathan Davis (1)
Feature Request: Opensearch description to include the site name Dee Earley (3)
Global Releases - mixed content Mike Robertson (2)
Apostrophe in User Name Chandra McFarlen (1)
Unix services fogbugzmaintd & fogbugz-search, run as root? Michael Ferrante (4)
Can we use both AD or LDAP and FogBugz authentication? Doug Rhoten (3)
[Bug] Email encoded in QuotedPrintable not displayed in CaseView Kay-Uwe "Kiwi" Huell (2)
[Bug] Resizing text field in IE8 puts cursor back to beginning Frederik Slijkerman (3)
Issue when searching for release... FYI Sam Jones (1)
Internal wiki links for muti word pages Michael Burns (2)
Updating current estimate also updates original estimate. Stephen Martin (2)
FB API redirect loop bug Peter Lillevold (2)
Copying bug/issue into another project Rebecca (2)
Permissions Sy (3)
Multiple installations on same server Pauli Østerø (3)
MUtiple release notes per case F Arinell (1)
Is there a market for a ticket migration tool? (1)
Screening events via API Yehuda Alon (4)
Correspondents & Telephone Support Paul Williscroft (1)
Testing FogBugz and some questions Michael Diederich (1)
Working schedule API Justin Boyd (3)
Problem viewing text in included e-mails Bryan Wilcox (2)
change default time when assign due date Jeremy Smallman (2)
MDAC issue when installing on Vista David O'Leary (1)
LDAP username change does not populate into FogBugz Spencer (3)
Fogbugz 7 - super important feature Boofus McGoofus (6)
[BUG] Time parsing fails pressing enter/submit without onblur Calvin Spealman (6)
Attachments marked ".unsafe" Dave Smith (2)
Status reporting? Peter Viking (1)
TFS / Fogbugz Avi Douglen (3)
Doxygen integration Sean Neilan (4)
Enhancement: Email contact management cm (2)
Estimate History Steve Baxter (4)
Mail not imported - recurrent problem Justine Lera (4)
What is the occurrences field used for? Mat Nadrofsky (1)
Sort Release Notes By Closed Date Cory Dowd (4)
Any way to prevent users from editing cases not assigned to them tracy tullier (1)
gmail with fogbugz - keep our inbox? Masa Ito (3)
How do we improve the way cases are categorised Mads Boyd-Madsen (0)
How to use scheduling facilities Mads Boyd-Madsen (3)
Overnight cases Dee Earley (4)
create related case quickly (Feature Request) Spencer Stejskal (3)
Error at upload: Can't locate attachement xyz Lucius Bobikiewicz (4)
Fogbugz Email reassigns case; email messages lack Case link David Fox (8)
How to see completion date calculated directly from estimates? Jesse Kocher (3)
How to delete releases Mike F (6)
If Fog Creek doesn't trust their EBS why should we? Greg (3)
Database QUestion - Starred Alex Kac (1)
User Agent Breakdown Marc Piché (1)
Problems sorting by due date Niklas Dahlman (1)
Could not write uploaded file. User may not have permissions. Todd Matson (1)
Deleting the Schedule Items category Chris Norris (1)
Email sent through forum has wrong name. Stephen Martin (2)
FogBugz API - listFields Paul Wright (3)
Reply to a long mail freezes the screen under IE7 Uwe Bornholdt (2)
IE8 Cursor position Uwe Bornholdt (3)
Something for FB7 ... Brighter WARNING ... Sam Jones (1)
Export FogBugz Wiki? Cristos Lianides-Chin (7)
Can i change the view of cases to see the history Giuseppe (1)
Using Fogbugs as a case tracking tool taby (2)
DocLists Dee Earley (2)
FogBugz Error Richard Tuengel (1)
Case Displays Twice in lists, only exists once in database TM (9)
Feature: Related articles in Wiki Tom (1)
Public Case View & Attachments Rick Fleischer (6)
Control Community Users access to the Wiki Sonny Ramsay (1)
Combine Cases Eva (2)
Bug report: Cursor jumps to top of the box when it gets bigger Dee Earley (4)
Screenshot tool & Anonymous Submission Ignatius Chiang (2)
6.1.46 Release Notes? (Missing) Kris Kumler (2)
Browser twiddling for 2 minutes after loading a page Phillip Crews (5)
Mailbox administration only available to site admin Gireesh Rema (1)
Adding new fields to cases Jason Harrison (2)
Cases between FogBugz users? Ross Rankin (3)
Times (estimate, etc) in days only? Gerald Brandt (2)
Deleting all cases in my "nondelivery reports" Greg Cochard (4)
FogBugz vs AceProject (4)
HTML in wiki Fred (2)
Tips for analysing "Working On" data Mike F (1)
'Your Cases' not complete Thomas de Nooij (2)
Mail doesn't fetch and send until Diagnostics Magnus Ahriman (7)
Feature req: Autofill username for FogBugz on demand Krister Renaud (2)
Remove an email attachment Daniel Berglund (1)
How to get the most out of your Fogbugz licenses? Susana Matute (1)
Feature Request: Advanced search interface Justine Lera (3)
Grid View won't sort by Fix For Casen Payne (3)
Any chances to create a new case category called error? Susana Matute (4)
API Changes in 6.1.45? Chad Hutchins (1)
Search is not working properly in v 6.1.42 DB 632 Build 315 Clay D. Nichols (5)
Why is the wiki only 640 pixels wide? Mitch Barker (2)
Searching For Cases Returns Nothing Cory Dowd (2)
Is there a way to automatically assign resolved tickets? Narsa Chelluri (1)
Migration from GogBugz Windows to Fogbugz Unix Alessio Pollero (3)
Embed FogBugz discussion Mo Flanagan (6)
FogBugz 6 with 64-bit Windows Myron A. Semack (1)
bug - date/time formats appearing wrong Dee Earley (2)
Can a library be created to share documentation in FOGBUGZ? Susana Matute (3)
Bugzscout with NET.ASP and JAVA? Susana Matute (2)
DCOM 1909 Chris Rendall (2)
iPhone CSS for FogBugz Samuel Neff (4)
Strange Username in FogBugz with LDAP Nick Hartman (1)
Viewing old wiki revisions Bryce Schober (1)
Story Points? Elizabeth (1)
Global vs. Individual Releases Stacey McKinney (1)
Mis-threaded cases / mixed cases Justine Lera (3)
Editing Timesheets of other users Justine Lera (1)
Workflows in Fogbugz? Susana Matute (4)
Search indexing seems to not be working Isaac Strack (4)
API performance Kristian Eide (medallia) (8)
Aha, the menu line changed :-) Angelo Giannatos (4)
Creating a new Wiki Inbal Sinai (3)
Wiki/Template customization Inbal Sinai (1)
Changing the font of a table in Wiki editor Jan Helge Skailand (2)
able to filter by reactivated cases Serkan Kasapbasi (3)
New Case Permission for Community Users only Albert Timashev (1)
Manager should be able to view the Timesheets of the developers Albert Timashev (3)
Integrating FogBugz discussion with Google Analytics Mo Flanagan (4)
FogBugz / Subversion Ian Hardie (4)
More flexible "Created by" option needed Mark Marlow (5)
Better workflow when marking case resolved. Mark Marlow (2)
speed up report generation? Eric (1)
Feature Request: Links in RSS Feeds Josh Asbury (1)
Suggestion: mail gateway and forwards of individual mails Allan With Sørensen (5)
Feature request: cross project "fix for" report Allan With Sørensen (2)
Feature request: Sending meeting invitations! Allan With Sørensen (2)
Case close not estimated but yes track time Miguel Angel Diez Bielsa (1)
FogBugz as Tickler: 43 Areas vs Hide Until (Feature Request) Thomas Holaday (4)
BugzScout reopened cases not assigned to correct primary contact Laura Vayansky (2)
Timesheet end is before start Neil Barnwell (1)
Delete accidentally entered information Chad Sellers (6)
Attach a File:  IE8 Directory path uses c:\fakepath Sharon (3)
Feature request: "Starred" on the case popup window Dee Earley (2)
transparent PNGs in discussion group/wiki using IE 6 Cary Calabro (5)
Evidence-Based Scheduling questions Bob Rush (1)
Auto Reply Problems Joshua ryan (1)
Synchronized navigation through wiki revisions? Dane Bertram (2)
Changing the root article of a wiki Dan Wardle (3)
Mail Accounts Craig (4)
Subtasks redux Phil Quitslund (4)
Delete a Release Michael Rosen (4)
Customize SideBar on Wiki Krispy (3)
New case status: "In progress" Maxim Denisov (3)
Templates For Discussion Groups Jim Duffy (1)
Email notificaton to multiple people Chris L (7)
Skinning the Login Page Dave Smith (1)
Sort but not group by... Dee Earley (1)
Scheduling and Priorities Bob Rush (1)
Who's Working On What Andrea Wood (3)
Help customizing discussion group and wiki Cary Calabro (5)
Permission model (1)
Screenshot not sending to Fogbguz David Fox (1)
Non admin Wiki search Doug Perkowski (3)
Custom status update for hosted version James Shaw (3)
Work on case without estimate peterchen (4)
screenshot, with dual monitors if relevant (2)
Email Features Carlo Reyes (1)
Mac Desktop Client Alex Kac (6)
Turning on debugging option with On Demand? Brian Webster (1)
Default cc on a new bug? Eric Mueller (9)
LDAP signing John Kirk (3)
API search - Not respecting Filter ordering Tristan Greaves (1)
allow attachment during close Donna Seneca (3)
view a user's activity stream? bobq (1)
Can we have something OTHER than a WYSIWYG editor for the Wiki? Ray Leyva (4)
Snippets: project-level permissions scheme Justine Lera (1)
Feature request: option to limit search to Active cases (3)
Searches including OrderBy don't work for large result sets (1)
searching by project axis is missing some results Chris Jarvi (3)
UNC links in fogbugz Evan Jones (2)
S/MIME support Avi Douglen (3)
Timesheet Paul Cowan (3)
Save Columns & Layout In List View Jim Duffy (1)
Default 'Area' when using Send Email function Estelle (0)
Fogbugz on Demand and Local Version John Wilson (1)
ASP file to edit a Release Note at any time (2)
Tracking if a UI change occured so documentation can be updated Jaydel Gluckie (1)
Custom Case List for active and resolved cases? Dave Smith (2)
allow user to only see cases assigned to them Rich (3)
Scout Notification Craig (2)
PHP Script for Viewing Cases (1)
VS Addin Problems KP (4)
FB 6.0 API: ability to star or un-star a case Pete Johnson (3)
Complete email in "mail notification has been received" notices Sharon (3)
What's with all the spam in the RSS feed? Paolo (2)
Where are EMAIL attachments stored? PWills (2)
Cannot use API to modify the sTicket field Lukhnos D. Liu (3)
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