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Feature Suggestion: better use of priorities

1) Priorities need to be customizable to more than 7 options, the simple restriction to 7 is very strange.

2) The ability to describe different Priorities and associate them to Projects would be a nice feature. The 7 restriction forces you to write very generic descriptions which then become so generic they almost mean nothing when  priorities are used by many different departments and for many different types of projects and tasks (Fogbugz is good for things other than just shipping software!)

Thanks for your consideration.

p.s. where is the FogCreek Feedback option in Fogbugz 4.0?
Richard Buckingham Send private email
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
Thanks for the feedback, Richard!

This is the right place for it... it's connected to your installation of FogBugz on the ? menu and it's connected to our installation of FogBugz through the magic of discussion group->bug linking.

I usually suggest a scheme like this for priorities which can be used globally:

1 - life or death, fix before doing anything else, even before going home
2 - a customer is waiting
3 - high
4 - medium
5 - low
6 - even lower than low
7 - don't do it! -- use this when you can't bear to delete the bug for some reason but you really don't want to do it.

Effectively this only gives you three priorities, 3, 4, and 5, to use for all the features and bugs, which may not seem like enough, but part of the focus of FogBugz is to make it easy to enter cases, and if you force people to choose between too many gradiations of priorities, it makes entering a bug that much harder to do while you contemplate. On the other hand with so few gradiations it's hard to really rank cases in the order in which you're going to do them. And I agree that it would be very useful to use different terms for the ranks in different projects.

Anyway thanks again for the feedback and you can be sure we'll take it into account as we design 5.0!
Joel Spolsky Send private email
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
For whatever it's worth, I've found value in assigning priority 1 as "TBD" which means that this is a new case that has not yet been prioritized.  By assigning it the top priority, it has high visibility at the top of priority sorted reports.
Jay Cincotta Send private email
Thursday, March 3, 2005
I've tried everything from 2 priorities (A = must be done or you die, B = less urgent), to a 3x3 matrix of low/med/high urgency and importance.  (Some things can be very urgent like a staff meeting in 5 minutes but low importance.)

7 looks workable, basically low/med/high with room for a couple gradations of urgent.
Ward Send private email
Thursday, March 3, 2005
I just want to say that the priority system in FogBugz is simplicity to the point of uselessness.  We simply don't even use it, but we need too.  In a many real-world enviroments, this 7 priority limitation just doesn't map to what you need.

Now, I'm a fan of Joel and his ideas on usability.  I love his books and read his posts.  But, just because your particular needs that you've observed don't require more than 7 priorities, doesn't mean every potential customer of FogBugz is in the same boat.

We need more than 7.  Default it to 7, fine.  But please, can we just get the max increased so we can accomplish what we need.... sugar on top?

-- David
David Whatley Send private email
Thursday, March 3, 2005
You can always add more priorities to the priority table.  Although this isn't supported, I can't see why it would break anything...
Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Thursday, March 3, 2005
Adding an 8th priority allowed me to keep the existing 7, plus add an "Undecided" priority.  This has not broken anything that I am aware of.
Scott Cunningham Send private email
Thursday, March 3, 2005

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