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International versions??


I home I'm not opening too big a can of worms with this, but I have to ask: Is there any plan to localize FOG BUGZ for languages other than English? (My personal favorite would be Spanish, of course ;)

In group I want to deploy it initally, all users have a basic understanding of English, or so I think. But for a wider, company-wide use, English-only might be a kind of obstacle..

Thanks a lot.
Javier Jarava Send private email
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
It's fairly easy to localize FogBugz -- just two big CityDesk sites, one for the strings and one for the documentation, and CityDesk has great multilingual features like tracking and side-by-side editing for translators. In fact I think we already have a lot of the Spanish strings in the string database now so if you wanted to use that as a starting point, send me email and we'll set you up. I think that the translation was done in the 3.0 days and so new strings in 4.0 haven't been translated to Spanish yet.

We'll start to look into international versions over the next couple of years. The truth is we really would need a good representative in a given country to provide service and support, and that's even more important than the translation itself, and we have not quite grown to the point where we have enough time to focus on setting up subsidiaries in other countries.
Joel Spolsky Send private email
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
What I was trying to say is:

I've checked the "strange" post from different IPs, but the posts I've done from both my home (213.x) and work IPs (regardless of computer), FB "reports" they were posted from the same IP address,

I've asked some friends who have different ISP providers, and/or are located on different cities, to connect to the NG and try to post, to see if the reported IP is different.

IF not, then at least the behaviour would be logical, as the FB server "sees" all of the connections as connections from the same IP address... OTOH, maybe that's a sign that the feature might have to be re-thought a little bit, because if it "groups"  all the people from the same country together, the feature is not too useful, at least from my P.O.V.
Javier Jarava Send private email
Sunday, March 6, 2005
Sorry... As it's probably clear, I've mistaken the entry form. My previous post was targetd to another thread (the one titled: "FB bug?: Discussion groups showing "deleted" messages?"). A case of "big fingers". Sorry for the X-Post.
Javier Jarava Send private email
Sunday, March 6, 2005
RE: "International version"....

I know that "growing into another countries" is difficult to do and requires quite a bit of effort. That's not what I was looking for.

The fact is, I want to use FB for our "issue" tracking or intenral progress tool, with a view to extend its use for defect tracking and "proper" bug tracking. I have no problem with using "foreing" sofware or remotely-supporte sw (out public-facing web site runs on Mambo Server), but the fact that its user interface is avaliable only in English *might* (or rather, probably will) be an issue. Some of my co-workers are not very fluent in English, so their adoption of the tool would be less than enthusiastic.

I'm glad to know that translating the tool is so straight-forward. I'll keep that in mind, although I'd feel more confiden it I had FogCreek SW support for that, because having to re-translate on upgrade is not a chore I'd be very happy with...

OTOH, I already own CityDesk, so knowing it's the tool of choice to manage the "tranlation" makes it doable. The only reason I was asking is to know if there was a translation on the works, if it was planned, or how much work it was going to be. Knowing that it's at least partway done makes me feel better about the issue.
Javier Jarava Send private email
Sunday, March 6, 2005

We are new users of Fogbugz and up to now we are very happy with the product. Everybody inside the company is fluent with the english language and we can use fogbugz with no problems.

BUT, we have GREEK customers. And they can not use the english language. So, all the "CRM" features of fogbugz are very difficult to implement as a company process.

So, if we forget for a moment the internationalization project (big issue as i can easily understand, is there an "easy" way to internationalize the part of the system that has to do with external users (email parsing at first, ticket status information forms, new case submitting) ...

Thanks in advance!
Dimitris Petropoulos Send private email
Wednesday, March 30, 2005

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