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Feature idea: A sandbox for incoming cases


I'm so happy with FB6, I'm using it to track more and more stuff not related to software development. I'm even using it as my hub for "GTDesque" project management.

Currently, the inboxes I use are very specific to projects, because I don't want to start getting loads of spam to inflate case numbers.

So, it would be nice if incoming cases could be put in a sandbox, without a case # assigned.

As soon as any operation is done on the case (assignment, edit, etc.), create a "real" case.

That way spam can always stay outside the system.

Ivan Vega Send private email
Saturday, December 1, 2007
Nice thought.

An attribute of this feature might be that the case is fully editable. So before it flows into the real FB world, the manager could edit it up (mod text, add/delete attachments), so the actual case is truly 'consumable' internally.

We find that many of our external submissions are not actionable by engineers. So we:

1) Create a new case, with the action item, linked to the original case

2) Close the original case as 'moved to new case 1234'

It might be useful to be able to take the original case and take it all the way to the right place.
Sam Jones Send private email
Sunday, December 2, 2007
In haste I often submit feature suggestions that are only half-thought-through, or contain spelling mistakes.  I then post follow-ups and correct spelling of Title (but I don't think I can fix spelling etc. of previous posts, can I?)

I'd like to have a Title, Description and Posts.  Title + Description fully editable (Description audited same as Title currently).

I'm less bothered by a "Quarantine" area, I'd like to have the ability to set our own Description and be able to amend it so that it is always "current" as the case progresses
Krispy Send private email
Sunday, December 2, 2007

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