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FogBugz USAGE: Issue/Project Tracking? (ie: How do U use FB?)

Hi all!!

I'm in the process of evaluating FB to see if it "fits the bill" for our internal "post-sales" support use.

The situation: There is a team of us (currently around 4, but I _hope_ it'll grow) and we have to handle "post-sale" support. That includes in-client demo, consulting, support and general support to our sales force and partners.

At the moment, we use  e-mail for task tracking and assignment, but we'd like to switch to some other system that leaves a centraliced record, "undestands" users, can be (somewhat) managed from email, and gives us a central clearing point to know how things are...

I've been looking into FB, because I'd like the system to be able to "grow" into the dev. dept. to track bugs and sw defects (yes, we are a software development company), but at the moment I don't have the leverage to do it.

I belive that FB can be made to work for this. I had this idea of creating a "project" for each stage of the relationship with a client, and a case for every task, and group them using clients. Or maybe use a Project for each "kind" of task we perform (ie, Client Formation; Support; In-House Demos; Deployment...) and create cases depending on the clientl...

Really, what I'd like is to know _WHAT FOR_ are you using FogBugz in your company, specially if you're using it for a similar task, and how're you managing it.

OTOH, if there is a "better-fit" alternative for the task at hand, and you believe I'd rather not try to fit a round peg in a square hole, I'd also like to know it.

At the moment, I'm also looking into WebCollab ( as an alternate, but it seems to me that the email integration is not up-to par.  I *really* like the "create case from email" feature of FB.

Please, any and all help will be more than welcome....
Javier Jarava Send private email
Sunday, March 6, 2005
We (also 3 full time devs & 2 interns) use FogBugz for the exact same thing. Works wonderfully! Though I have 1 suggestion, don't create a project per client phase. Create a project per client project. Otherwise you'll notice that for each project you have 4+ projects. Use Areas instead, that way you achieve the same effect.
Matt Hawley Send private email
Monday, March 7, 2005

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