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How to in-depth inform users of bug/feature progess

Hello everybody

Since a couple of months we use fogbugz for our bug/feature tracking and collaboration needs. We are very satisfied with its functionality a stability!

However, we have the following situation:

We would like to supply our important customers with in-depth information about the progress of our bug/feature solving steps. In other words, we would like to give any anonymous user the possibility, to get read-access to a certain case.

Thus he not only would see, whether a bug/feature case has been solved / closed, but also any comments/entries from the developers during this process.

Can this be done in some way with the current version of fogbugz? Or is it a perhaps a feature planned for future releases?

Thanks very much for any help or suggestion on this topic.

Best Regards
Hanspeter Gisler Send private email
Thursday, December 13, 2007
Currently non-licensed users of FogBugz will only have public access to the case, which only shows emails sent to and from the customer.  To see the comments and entries from the developers, they would have to be a FogBugz licensed user.  You could set up the a licensed customer user to only have read-only access to a single project (see for more details), but FogBugz currently has the policy that non-users should not see internal developer notes.
Eric Nehrlich Send private email
Friday, December 14, 2007

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