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Another thumbs down for the FB6 UI

I just installed the FogBugz 6 unix beta, and had the first chance to look at it with some real cases.

I have to agree with pretty much every complaint I read here.  The new UI is a big step backwards. All the text is too big, and the text areas are too small.

Maybe the new layout is more attractive (to somebody - not to me) but it has major usability problems.

Many cases have text cut off in the title when you view them. They also have horizontal scroll bars in the detail area so you have to scroll back and forward to read them properly.

The new layout wastes a lot of space that was previously used, but the best solution would be to allow the width to expand when the window is resized. There is a reason windows are resizable - let us decide how wide we want our windows!
Andrew Rowley Send private email
Thursday, December 20, 2007
I haven't seen the old UI. That said: my thought is that the Detail needs to be narrow enough to be "readable" even on a wide screen, whilst still allowing the column-based reports to be full-width.

It is something I am least comfortable with, which Tabbed-browsing has introduced: every tab shares the same window-width, of course, whereas the old open-in-new-window allowed sizing per-window.

In spite of that I have [generally] switch to using Tab Viewing - so right now I have 5 FogBugs TABs in FFox - which keeps it all in one "Window".  To get the benefit of the max width for my Case List report I've maximised the Window, and thus single-case info being maxed-for-width would be very hard to read.

I read in another thread that Bug Reports can become clipped or need H-scrolling etc., and I think there is a Case open for that.

Perhaps some choice of Templates (or even make-your-own-template) might be an answer to accommodate both perferences?
Krispy Send private email
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
A side note, for those that have similar concerns about the appearance of wiki articles...

...the look and feel of your wiki articles are entirely customizable via your wiki's template.  The page's width, font, color, and more are all entirely under your control (all you have to do is edit your template's basic HTML and CSS).
Ben Kamens Send private email
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
While the bug details obviously need to be readable, a bug report isn't a novel, article or even a blog post. Typically they don't have big blocks of text that are read from start to end.

For problem descriptions, I think the more information you can see at once, the better. Actually, I suspect the most important items in the bug reports are the first entry and the last entry, and wherever possible you want to see both without scrolling.

I used to work with mainframes. The default screen width was 80 columns, but most people felt that was too narrow for technical work and preferred 132 columns. FogBugz seems to be about 70 columns for the bug details, and 40 columns for the description.

Sometimes, narrower columns are a readability disaster. Take a sample of your code, and resize it to 2/3 the width with automatic wrapping - is it easier or harder to read?

The best option would be to allow resizing of the column, as for the grid view columns.
Andrew Rowley Send private email
Thursday, December 27, 2007

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