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Estimated ship date bug?

I'm looking at a report for a project with several open FixFors but no release dates for the FixFors, and I'm looking at the first of these FixFors.  The project currently has only priority 3 and 4 items which are either active or resolved, and only priority 2-4 items in the release.  However, the Priority section of the report provides the following 50% estimates:

Priority 1 - No estimated cases
Priority 2 - No estimated cases
Priority 3 - 1/14/2008
Priority 4 - 1/24/2008
Priority 5 - 1/28/2008 [note: no priority 5 or lower cases]
Priority 6 - 1/29/2008
Priority 7 - 1/29/2008

What's going on?  Could it be that the EBS is affected somehow by cases in another FixFor or in a global release, where we do have priority 5 and 6 items (some of which are estimated)?
Charlotte M Send private email
Friday, December 21, 2007
Forgot to mention: version is 6.0.39.
Charlotte M Send private email
Friday, December 21, 2007

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