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can't stop editing a link

I have a numbered list with each item a link. I want to edit it to add some text after the link but can't stop editing the link: if I click at the end of the line and hit space, the link just keeps going. Everything I type before or after is a part of the link.

I tried selecting my new text and removing the link from it, but it threw away the whole link. I tried different buttons, but none of them would stop adding to the link. It sounds like the only way to actually edit text is to copy the link target to an outside text editor, remove the link, edit the line, and re-add the link pasted from my outside source.

Is there a way to turn off WYSIWYG so I don't have invisible control codes magically interfering with my editing? It's clear I'm not actually seeing what I'm editing, I'm seeing some kind of rendering of text and embedded markup that I can't quite edit properly.
Peter Harkins Send private email
Friday, December 21, 2007
Hi Peter,

The difficulty in "getting out of" a link is a known issue that we've got on our list.  It's definitely a little bit annoying at times.

I assume you are using Firefox, correct?  If so, as an experiment, try moving your cursor to the line or list item AFTER your problem link, then use the left arrow key to back up to the very end of your link (where you want to insert plain text).  Now type...does the text show up as a link?
Ben Kamens Send private email
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
This works for the last link in a numbered list but none of the rest.

In a tool for programmers, there's really no way to edit the underlying markup instead of using the pretty facade?
Peter Harkins Send private email
Sunday, December 30, 2007
FogBugz is not only for programmers, and as such we decided to hide ugly markup from users.

I've been working on this particular link problem recently and believe we have a fix for a future version.  It won't be available immediately, but it should get rid of this troublesome behavior.

If you notice any other specific issues please let me know so we can keep improving the wiki editor.
Ben Kamens Send private email
Monday, December 31, 2007
Blogspot, phpBB, and Wikipedia are some popular websites that are also not only for programmers and they present markup. Markup is not intrinsically bad.

I'm not arguing the default view should be a pretty editor, but when it's broken and there's no workaround, you've got a bad bug.
Peter Harkins Send private email
Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Yes, this has been a difficult bug to get around.  I do think we'll have it fixed in an upcoming version.

In the meantime (I realize these workarounds are painful), if you are in the particular situation that you describe you can either use the trick I described above or copy a piece of plain text and paste it after your link so the cursor has some plain text "to grab onto" while you're trying to type outside of the link, if that makes sense.

Again, this will be fixed in due time.  I'm sorry it has been an inconvenience, and I do appreciate the feedback.
Ben Kamens Send private email
Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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