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Upgrading to FogBugz 4 and Migrating from Linux to Windows 2000

We want to upgrade to version 4 and move off the Linux RedHat version 9 server to a Windows 2000 environment.
And carry all of the cases over to the new version and environment.

Is there documentation available for moving from Linux to Windows?
Where is the documentation for upgrading to FogBugz 4?

Which should we do first? upgrade then move to new environment or install on Windows 2000 then move data?

Can we load a FogBugz 4 on the Windows 2000 and migrate the cases from the FogBugz 3 on the Linux 8?

Susan Forman Send private email
Friday, March 25, 2005
I don't think we have documentation for Linux -> Windows, but if you're planning to keep using MySQL it should be "relatively straightforward" (famous last words!)

* Make sure your support contract is up to date
* Ask someone at Fog Creek to switch your licenses from Unix to Windows -- you can do this as often as you want, it's just a server switch
* Install 4.0 on Windows and get it up and running with MySQL and no data
* Turn off passwords, because I'm pretty sure your passwords won't port from Unix to Windows. You can turn them on again later after you've reset everyone's password.
* Copy the FileUploads directory from the Unix folder to the Windows folder (this has your attachments)
* Copy the data from the Unix MySQL database to the Windows MySQL database
* Log on and reinstall your licenses
* Enjoy an ice-cold lemonade...

In between each step you may need to

* take advantage of that support contract thingy to call us for help :)
Joel Spolsky Send private email
Friday, March 25, 2005
We have installed Fogbuz 4 on Windows and sucessfully installed MySQL.  We also have SQL Server installed for other applications.  How do we configure Fogbugz to use MySQL and not SQL Server?
Tim Wolin Send private email
Friday, April 1, 2005

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