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Importing from Bugzilla

I'm evaluating what exactly happens when a bug is imported from Bugzilla 2.16.7+ to FogBugz 4.

I have a FogBugz trial, but the importBugzilla.asp is (obviously) not setup to point to my Bugzilla install.

I've read the brief explanation at -  but would like a bit more information:

1. Does the script require access to the Bugzilla database or can it use the xml.cgi interface alone as indicated in the APress FogBugz book?

2. Assuming xml.cgi only is enough, what happens if the user doing the import does not have permissions to access a bug - will a case be created in FogBugz for this or will it be (silently) ignored.

3. I take it that all the available information in xml.cgi will be mapped across to FB. Is anything discarded / ignored?

Particularly what happens to attachments and bug dependencies - especially if they refer to bugs outside the range requested or have not been created yet in the import (e.g Bug 5 depends on Bug 100)

4. I believe (from purchasing v3) that the license is limited to the platform and so to view the importBugzilla.asp code I'd have to by the ASP version, even if I ultimately want to by the OS X version and create a PHP version - is the importBugzilla.asp code available publicly anywhere to have a closer look?

5. Has anyone imported from Bugzilla and have any other tips to offer - or even already created the PHP version already?

Liam Clancy Send private email
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
The script is an ASP page with an input for just the URL, e.g.:

That's all it needs.

The script just goes along looking at every bug it is handed by Bugzilla and importing/mapping anything that can be imported and mapped. An example of something that can't be mapped is the Milestone, there is no milestone in FB. There are no bug dependancies in FB either.

You can download the script from our knowledge base:

I don't know of anyone who has created a PHP version, but it shouldn't be too hard. A few of us here have imported entire bugzilla databases into FogBugz. I don't know how many users have taken advantage of it, but I do know many FB users are former BZ users,  so I'd expect the majority of them used the script to import their bugs.
Dmitri Kalmar Send private email
Wednesday, March 30, 2005

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