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We just started using FogBugz and hit an issue with customer emails for which I'm looking for a strategy tip. The scenario: a customer sends in an inquiry, to which we respond, and then the customer replies back with a completely unrelated issue. The response gets appended to the current case but we'd really like it to be a new case.

The only strategy I've come up with is to hit Reply, copy the email body, then hit "Send Email" where you then paste the body, edit it, and send it off. This creates a new case and still has the customer's email for easy future correspondence. But note you have to copy/paste the email address(es) to a temp location first so you can copy the body before making the new email. So, it's possibe, but it's a pain.

Is there a better solution? (Other than attempting to train customers! :)

If not, as a feature request for the next version I'd like to see a "make this into a new case" button/link on each subsequent customer response so that if the email chain does vere off topic you can create a new case that can be tracked individually.
Jason Robertson Send private email
Thursday, March 31, 2005
That sounds like a great idea. I know in this version, lots of effort went into the "make a case" feature in the discussion boards. It would seem to be a logical system upgrade to apply that to case replies. Tricky, I'm sure, but we've been using FB 3.1.9(something) and are getting ready to complete our upgrade to 4.0.

In our current setting, we too get customer replies that veer off topic. I think this is a great idea!
Brian Gomori Send private email
Friday, April 1, 2005

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