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Subscribing virtual users

Hi.  I'm assuming this is not possible, as the docs refer to the inability to force subscriptions, but I have the following issue...

We have a QA dept with a few individuals.  When these individuals create new bug cases, they assign them the QA virtual user ( who has en email of qa@ourcompany ). 

When a developer takes the case, the user is no longer the QA virtual user.  It appears that the updates to the cases go to the original creator of the case, which would be the individual QA'er who created the case, but we would also like all updates to go to qa@ourcompany, so that *all* QA personnel are informed of updates.

I suppose one option is to assign an additional email address of qa@ourcompany to all QA personnel, so that updates to tickets that they create also go to qa@.., but this would mean that QA personnel who create non QA cases would have these cases also go to qa@..

Essentially, I'd like to subscribe the qa virtual user to all qa cases, such that all qa personnel get email updates on all cases.


Nathan Short Send private email
Friday, February 6, 2009
Hmmm.  We're looking at the ability to subscribe other users for FogBugz 7, but I'm not sure where it stands.  Should be doable via the plug-in architecture, but I'll check.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Friday, February 6, 2009

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