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Feature Request: Advanced Query dialog

(I started this in response to the thread , but thought it should stand out)

This is a problem for most of our FB users also. What I hear, all the time, is:

"I (Sally) assigned those cases over to you (Sam), so I can't see/find them any more."

FB allows advanced query syntax, and this, of course, CAN find them... but less than %30 of our users know or bother with the advanced query function. [E.g. the devs know how to use the query function, but the customer service and graphic designers do not!]

The result of this is that a lot of cases are simply lost or dropped.

FB badly needs an "advanced query" dialog that surfaces the query syntax in GUI form. It also needs some common searches in plain option form. E.g.

( ) Cases I edited or touched since [        ]
( ) Cases [user combobox] touched between [date pick] and [date pick]
( ) Cases [user combobox] resolved between [date pick] and [date pick]
( ) Cases closed by [user combobox] between [date pick] and [date pick]
( ) Cases created by [user combobox] between [date pick] and [date pick]

You get the idea. It is a VERY COMMON need to fish out a case this way (often you are looking for a set of cases). I can do it, because I know the FB query syntax, but our "normal" users have NO IDEA how to do it, and will never deal with the query syntax...

Sam Jones
Friday, February 6, 2009
Very doable with plug-ins, and very useful.  I've added it to the list.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Friday, February 6, 2009

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