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How to Track Customer Projects vs Internal Projects?

We have been using Fogbugz 6.0 for about a year now to track incoming issues from our customer base. The way we have set things up is that we have

2 "Small Customer" projects to track pretty much anything that comes in from the two types of small customers we have and a project per Medium/Big customer that we have.

On the other side, we used Bugzilla/Jira to track the work done by the R&D group (We couldn't convince them last year to use Fogbugz). If a customer reported a bug, it would require an entry in Fogbugz cross-referenced in Bugzilla/Jira.

Now a year went by and I now have the option to switch the R&D group to Fogbugz. Now one concern I have is how to track customer cases vs R&D cases.

For example, says Large Customer A reports issue against Product Foobar, we agree to fix this in Foobar 2.0 so it is marked against (or moved to) that release and that project. Now how do I provide a report back to Customer A about this issue since the issue is now tagged against Foobar.

In Bugzilla/Jira, they have Clone feature but I don't see that in Fogbugz. Is the only way to create a new case and cross reference the other? Is there no way to keep them in sync? Makes reporting to customers much easier.

Sylvain Send private email
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
We split out the communication portion and the coding portion of each bug into related cases.  Not to be a monomaniac, but bookmarklets work very well here.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Friday, February 13, 2009

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