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Very slow loading on dedicated server

I've been trying to improve loading time of Fogbugz on its dedicated Windows 2008 (32bit) server.
The hardware is new (Dell R300 server), there is plenty of RAM (4GB), fogbugz is at the moment the only app on this server.
I use SQL Server 2008 and I followed the recommendations from the KB article and everything is setup fine: no email issue, no SQL server issue, no DNS issue.

The problem is that any new connection takes about 3-5 seconds, even when testing on the server itself.
Subsequent page loads tend to be acceptably faster.

Using FireBug I found out that the following pages are usually the ones that take a long time to return:
* default.asp, if the connection hasn't been used for a few minutes, it takes about 3s to return.
* jsLang.asp, almost always >1s
* jsDB.asp, sometimes very fast, sometimes >1s
* styles.asp, sometimes very fast, sometimes >1s
* default.asp?fAlaCarte, always >1s
*, always >1s

I have set IIS7 to keep its cache and processes for as long as possible so they aren't restarted too often.
At the moment, I'm the only user but it's soon going to be accessed by other people and I'm worried about their user experience, especially when it comes to access the documentation in the wiki: it should be much snappier than that.

One thing I should mention is that the server is in Hong Kong, so that could explain why some of these take a long time to return if they ping the fogcreek servers in the US (why would they even need to do that during page loads rather than during the hearbeat process is beyond me though).

If anyone has any IIS of Fogbugz configuration tricks then please let me know.
Renaud BOMPUIS Send private email
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
I would look at your Application Pool as the source of the problem.  Since you said this:

"if the connection hasn't been used for a few minutes, it takes about 3s to return"

It makes me think that your App Pool is releasing the compiled copy of the asp script after awhile, so when you refresh the page that 3s delay is IIS recompiling that ASP page.

Also, make sure in the Advanced Properties that MaxProcesses is set to 1.
Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Thursday, February 12, 2009

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