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Cannot use API to modify the sTicket field

We have been using FogBugz on Demand since a while ago and we are very satisfied with the design and features.

One problem: We had decided to import all our TRAC tickets (a very small set). This was done without a glitch (FogBugz's TRAC importer is well written).

But for some reasons, we want to assign a single correspondent to all imported tickets (now cases). In our case the correspondent is a client of ours. He is in charge of the project on the client's side, and he wants to track all previously imported cases as if the cases were originated/filed with FogBugz.

Now the issue: We have used FogBugz API (found a Ruby-based API, manually added our own edit method, worked flawlessly), and all imported cases now have the correspondent we wanted.

But--the "sTicket" field cannot be set. So if our client clicks on the permalink generated from a bug filed by mailing to FogBugz inbox, the permalink lists all other cases filed by him, but (1) there is no title, (2) there is no way the client can click on the imported cases, because "sTicket" field is empty.

Is there anyway to generate an sTicket for those cases? I hope I made my question clear...
Lukhnos D. Liu Send private email
Sunday, February 22, 2009
I think the bug might just be that the title is not there... we store this as a separate column called sOriginalTitle... I wonder why it didn't get set.

As a test, can you modify ONE of the cases and set sOriginalTitle in the Bug table.  Then see if following the emailed link for the customer allows you to click on that other case...
Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Sunday, February 22, 2009
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion, supplying sOriginalTitle to the edit API, but that didn't work either.

So it turned out that all cases imported with FogBugz TRAC import tool did not have sOriginalTitle. Was the lack of sTicket a consequence of that?

Thanks again for the help.
Lukhnos D. Liu Send private email
Sunday, February 22, 2009
Hi Michael,

We have some new information for you. We did a quick skim through the source code of FogBugz TRAC importer, in particular import.rbbas line 316-331. We didn't find anything that seemed to restore the sOriginalTitle field that you have mentioned. Understandably, importer works by using the new case API instead of the edit case API, but the fact that all imported cases in our FogBugz on Demand database lack sOriginalTitle data certainly is telling?

Thanks again.
Lukhnos D. Liu Send private email
Monday, February 23, 2009

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