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Fogbugz Email reassigns case; email messages lack Case link

I've encouraged my developers to use the Fogbugz Email feature, but I have two issues:

1) just noticed that each time I Reply, the case is automagically Assigned to me. Is that the intended behavior? It certainly is not how I want it to work.

2) the fogbugz generated emails lack a link to the case, so I need to manually fire up fogbugz and find the case. Could you please add a link to the fogbugz generated eamils.
David Fox Send private email
Saturday, May 9, 2009
Oh, one more

3) Please provide access to User email addresses. They're in the system, so its aggrevating that I need to go look them up, copy and paste. I should be able to just pick them from a list (I realize that previously entered addresses are cookied, but that is at best a half baked 'solution')

Keeping Email within fogbugz is a powerful feature that assures all case-related communication is maintained within the case, but right now it is lacking.
David Fox Send private email
Saturday, May 9, 2009
#1 and #3 are implemented in FogBug 7, now in limited beta.

I'm a little confused by #2. Are you talking about the notifications (A case has been assigned to you in FogBugz.), the autoresponse, or actual replies to cases.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Monday, May 11, 2009
Actual replies in cases. The messages are generated within the case, but arrive with a subject line like:

Subject : Re: (Case 1474) Android - First Release

So currently it takes three steps: copy the case number, go to browser, go to fogbugz, paste in the case #... But should be single click of case link in email.

Glad to see #1 and #3 in next version which is hopefully coming real soon now:-)
David Fox Send private email
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
It sounds like you are sending emails to people who are FogBugz users (i.e., they have access to the actual case).  The best way to notify a FogBugz user about something is to assign the case to them with the note, then take it back.  That uses FogBugz to notify them, and includes a handy case link.  Plus, you don't have to type in their email address.

Does that help?
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
I have done that, which is fine for one-to-one communication. But often communication involves multiple people. The opportunity is to keep communication attached to the case.

Again, this seems like a simple enhancement because the email message carries the case number. I just need the system to include the URL as well.
David Fox Send private email
Thursday, May 14, 2009
So there's no easy solution here.  In order to get a signature line, which might have a placeholder in it, the case needs to be associated with a mailbox, which is not possible on the first outgoing message.

So the only thing to do is to make a standard signature snippet with placeholders like {ticketurl}. This has the problem that the "ticket" which is the code that allows external access, is not generated until after the email is sent.

If you don't have a prefix on your case numbers (e.g., FC8675309), then you can link two placeholders like this:
{url}/?{case} and that will generate a link to the case.  But this will still need to be explicitly inserted as part of your signature.

The other option is to have virtual users with multiple email addresses for when you want to notify teams.

What's really needed is a notify capability, where you can choose one or more users, add a bug event with text, and get the entire bug event shot off, with link, to all the users you select.
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Friday, May 15, 2009
It should be much less complicated than that. Within the Fogbugz Case screen there is the option to "Email". When I use that built-in functionality the email lacks a link back to the case. Y'all 'just' need to include a Case link in the body of the message (case number is included in the subject line, surely it can't be too hard to add one the relevant URL to message body as well?)
David Fox Send private email
Friday, May 15, 2009

That "Email" link is for emailing people who don't have FogBugz accounts, so putting a link back to the FogBugz case would be confusing (as they don't have FogBugz accounts, which is the whole idea behind you having to email them instead of using FogBugz to converse with them).
Michael H. Pryor Send private email
Friday, May 15, 2009

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