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How do we improve the way cases are categorised


We currently use FogBugz exclusively to shift bugs between developers and testers.

The way we categorise cases doesn't really work, and we are trying to find out how to improve the situation.

Here's the situation:
- We develop a large computer based examination system. The development is continuous.
- We've got few very large customers, so we give them plenty of say not only in relation to features, but also in relation to release-dates.
- The system is made up of a number of applications that we release to customers either on an ad-hoc basis or on a fixed cycle. Not all applications are released at the same time
- We define projects to be for instance "New authoring features to support customer A's next exam-release"
- This is broken down into a lot of work-packages, each with their own project-plan and SRS. They are essentially change-requests.
- Each work-package is currently stored in FogBugz as a "project", and the application areas affected by the work-package-change is stored in FogBugz as "areas".

This gives us a couple of headaches:
1) We cannot easily see all bugs currently outstanding in each application-area - This is important because we need to make sure that changes relating to one work-package does not affect changes we make relating to another work-package, and because we don't want to raise bugs in an application-area that has already been raised from another work-package.
2) We cannot easily create application-wide release-logs. So for instance "Application A now is in the following state:...".
3) We cannot easily see how well we are going to meet the target for all work-packages in the same project (remember that we use FogBugz-projects to handle work-packages - so wee need to have a way to group FogBugz projects together - Global Releases?).

It appear that we are using the FogBugz in the wrong way to solve our problem (though it seemed intuitively good).

Is there a better way?

- Mads -
Mads Boyd-Madsen Send private email
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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