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Working schedule API

Hey need some help with the workng schedule API.

the Command cmd=listWorkingSchedule&ixPerson=1

gives me this XML


The issue is <nWorkdayStarts>22</nWorkdayStarts> i would work that out as 10pm
<nWorkdayEnds>6</nWorkdayEnds> this as 6am.

and also the documentation says there should be a field

<nHoursPerDay>8</nHoursPerDay> and it's not there.

My site working schedule is 9am to 5pm 1 hour lunch at 12.
i am in Australia, could i be suffering a time zone issue?

Justin Boyd Send private email
Thursday, May 21, 2009
I believe that nWorkdayStarts and nWorkdayEnds hours are in UTC timezone  ... at least I work with these values as if they were UTC-based and it works fine -- correct hours are displayed to user. I am interested in more official response too.

To compute working hours, I compute end - start (substracted by 24 if start > end) substract hrsLunchLength if fHasLunch is true. This gives me lenght of day consistent with what FogBugz displays in web UI.

I hope this helps.
Peter ┼átibraný Send private email
Friday, May 22, 2009
Thanks Peter,

I have worked on those assumptions.  IT would be nice to see this updated (or at least the documentation corrected.)
Justin Boyd Send private email
Sunday, May 24, 2009
I'll open a case to make sure this is better-documented.  Thanks, Peter!
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Friday, May 29, 2009

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