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Testing FogBugz and some questions


i am testing FB in the moment and it looks very well. In the moment we use trac for bug tracking, OTRS for external communication and another tool for time accouting.

Some questions, maybe you can help me!

- we develop web applications. only a small part of our software is developed in releases, the other parts are databases, frontend, backend and so.. how should we work with releases?

- i need a overview of my tracked time, for this week or month.. Or i need a export-feature for my worktime

- how do i understand the report of the global releases? how can i say, after bug 13 i want to work on the issue 15 and then on the issue 20. Tell me, what can i tell the customer from issue 20 when will it be finished?

- can i export the content of a wiki to pdf/doc?

- i would like to build a dashboard. I need a overview of some systemtasks on other projects. I would need a iframe or a SOAP interface or so..

- Can i create a link with the current user id? i would like to login to other projects with the current user id (like a single sign on)

- i would like to create a file based archive like WebDAV.. Any integration with FB possible?

Thanks for any answers ;)
Michael Diederich Send private email
Friday, May 22, 2009
Let me try to answer these as best I can:

- You can either have different projects or different areas for each of these parts.  We have one project for FogBugz, and another for Copilot, with different areas underneath.  If you tend to have backend releases independent of frontend, then they should be in different projects.  Otherwise, they should be together.

- We expect there will be a time tracking plug-in for FogBugz 7, out in a few months.

- Not sure I understand the question.

- You can print the wiki to PDF, yes.  When it prints, all the stuff that's not wiki content doesn't show.

- Check out the FogBugz API:

- I'm not sure what type of link you're trying to create.  Can I have an example?

- I'm not familiar with WebDAV, but FogBugz 7 will make integration with other apps much easier.

Let me know any feedback!
Rich Armstrong Send private email
Friday, May 29, 2009

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