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Is there a market for a ticket migration tool?

Hi all,

I have lately tried to migrate my FogBugz 6 database (MySql Windows) to Ubuntu which utterly failed because of some subtle MySql differencies between Windows and Unix and the fact that I actually migrated the db from Unix to Windows before that. So actually it was Unix - Windows - Unix which somehow threw my umlaut encoding out of whack. The umlaut problem caused wiki pages and ticket texts to just disappear.
Thanks to the great FogBugz support I found out about the encoding problems and two possible solutions. One was to dump the database, and reencode or remove the umlauts. The other one would be to use the API to transfer tickets from one system to another. The latter one would actually be the only option if I want to use FogBugz On Demand.

Since I have some experience coupling ticket systems (Action Request, Trac, ...) I thought it might be a useful application that would migrate tickets from one system to another using higher level APIs where available.

I'm writing here to gather input from the FogBugz community if such a tool would be helpful to you so I'd appreciate your comments.

Thanks a lot,

Sunday, May 24, 2009
I would like to migrate my FogBugz On Demand database to a local Fogbugz version which already has some tickets in it.  The issue here is that the keys need to change.  I keep thinking about it, but so far haven't got a solution, so a tool which could migrate / merge FB databases would be ideal.
John W Wilson Send private email
Sunday, May 24, 2009

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